Increase the target for participation in EU framework programs – Sweden’s participation is falling!

SwedenBIO's input to the research policy bill Proposal 5 of 7.

SwedenBIO’s assessment

Sweden’s participation in the EU framework program currently lacks clear objectives and priorities. Evaluation of Sweden’s participation in the EU framework program shows a downward trend. There is a lack of proactivity and coordination.

SwedenBIO’s assessment

Set quantitatively measurable goals for Swedish participation, give Vinnova the task of strengthening and further developing analysis and evaluation, create a clear NCP structure, give the universities the task of earmarking resources to promote participation in international consortium applications, establish a coordinating function to ensure an overview and holistic approach to life science/health with the task of working comprehensively and proactively in a systematic and long-term manner, and provide continued support for the participation of small companies.page10image23193888

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