Welcome to Bubbel & Debatt in Gothenburg on September 23.

Can our national research centers cure the regional territorial thinking in life science Sweden?

Much money is being invested in national life science environments in Sweden in order to strengthen the country as a whole in global competition. How should these national centers act to ensure that academia and businesses across the country can benefit from the expertise available?


  • Tomas Lundqvist, Life Sciences Director, MAX-IV Laboratory
  • Håkan Billig, Chair of the Committee for National Coordination of Clinical Studies
  • Thomas Moritz, Platform Director, Swedish Metabolomics Center
  • Ina Schuppe Koistinen, Head of External Relations, SciLifeLab

Moderator: Tuulikki Lindmark, SwedenBIO

Time: September 23. Mingle from 16.00. The debate starts at 17:00.
Location: Biotech Center, Arvid Wallgrens Backe 20, Gothenburg, Sweden

Bubbles and snacks will be provided during the mingle.

Bubble and debate in Gothenburg is organized in collaboration with Sahlgrenska Science Park.

The event is currently full. For reserve list contact Tuulikki Lindmark: tuulikki.lindmark@swedenbio.se