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Pila Pharma

Malmö-based Pila Pharma intends to participate in the development of the drug candidate XEN-D0501. The candidate has an anti-inflammatory effect, which in turn stimulates both insulin production and insulin sensitivity, both of which are crucial in diabetes.


Novocure is a global oncology company working to extend survival in some of the most aggressive cancers by developing and commercializing its innovative TTFields therapy.


Cell4Cure AB is a Swedish, privately held cell therapy company committed to the development of treatments for the induction of immune tolerance.

Envue Technologies

Envue is a life science company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions worldwide for single biomolecule analysis for scientists, R&D service providers, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


ANYO Labs develops unique AI/ML methods to streamline medicinal chemistry.


Simplexia is developing a new modality of genital herpes vaccines.

AAX Biotech

AAX Biotech is a startup company focusing on antibody technologies.

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