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Devyser Diagnostics

Devyser Diagnostics are specialists when it comes to diagnostic kits for complex DNA testing within hereditary diseases, oncology and transplantation. Their products are used to guide targeted cancer therapies, to enable rapid prenatal diagnostics, as well as in post transplant follow-up.

FINGERS Brain Health Institute

FINGERS Brain Health Institute is a Swedish non-profit foundation driven to advance research on healthy brain aging and the implementation of dementia prevention.


PharmaLex is a provider of specialized services for the pharma, biotech and medtech industries.

Alertix Veterinary Diagnostics

Alertix Veterinary Diagnostics AB was founded in 2017. The goal of the company is to commercialize discoveries from Swedish veterinary medical biotech research.

SAGA Diagnostics

A personalized cancer medicine and disease monitoring company.


AroCell was founded in 2003. The company is located in Uppsala, Sweden and develops and commercializes tests that can be used in the prognosis, monitoring and follow-up of cancer.


Elypta's mission is to prevent cancer mortality through earlier detection and closer monitoring.


Enables patients to collect their own volume-defined dried blood spot at home.


AddLife offers high quality products, services and advice to both the private and public sectors, mainly in the Nordic region.

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