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With Kickfile, you get access to the systems you need for putting a medical device on the market – in a compliant and predictable way.


Developing new innovative treatments of hemorrhoids


A new frontier in individualized medicine and a game-changing integration of medicines and digital health


A Swedish medical device company developing and providing infection prevention solutions


VivoLogica is a digital platform for medical research institutions.

Viedoc Technologies

Viedoc's mission is to help create a healthier world by developing the best eClinical system available on the market.


Pharmiva is a company with a focus on vaginal Health.

Observe Medical

Observe Medical develops medtech solutions that help ensure healthcare professionals and patients benefit from the highest standards of care safely and cost-effectively.

Sigrid Therapeutics

Transforming the way Sigrid Therapeutics prevents and treat chronic lifestyle diseases.

Gambro Lundia / Baxter International

Baxter works at the critical intersection where innovations that save and sustain lives meet the physicians, nurses and pharmacists who make it happen.

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