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Vivolab designs, manufactures and markets medtech with children in mind.


Colzyx develops completely new and innovative wound care and antimicrobial products.


An innovative drug delivery platform for the benefit of patients and pharma Company.


Trialbee empowers patients worldwide with clinical trials as a care option through best-in-class digital patient recruitment and engagement.

SHL Group

SHL Group (Scandinavian Health Limited) is a world-leading solution provider in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery systems.


A highly innovative Swedish software company.

Invent Medic Sweden

Invent Medic develops and markets, new and innovative, medicinal products with focus on women’s health. Through this we hope to contribute to an improved quality of life for women everywhere.

AMRA Medical

AMRA is redefining obesity and metabolic disease risk by using precise body composition measurements, rather than BMI, to ​​understand the true metabolic status ​of each individual.


Brighter's vision is to unite innovative technology with humane care for a better and brighter life.

SymCel Sverige

SymCel provides a novel cellbased assay tool for real time cellular bioenergetic measurements.

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