Exploring the Human Protein Atlas

This 1-day practical workshop will give you knowledge on why and how to use the Human Protein Atlas database. The Human Protein Atlas portal is a publicly available database with millions of high-resolution images showing the spatial distribution of proteins in normal human tissues, a number of cancer types, and human cell lines.

Antibody-based methods have been used together with transcriptomic analysis to explore the human proteome. The data is released together with application-specific validation performed for each antibody.

In the workshop different areas of the Protein Atlas will be explored, with a focus on the current version of the database. Practical questions will be given to the attendees that are solved by hands-on use of the Protein Atlas. Time will be allocated to discuss the practical and general question. Please note that you will need to bring your own laptop to the practical part of the workshop.

Focus areas of the workshop

  • Tissue Atlas
  • Brain Atlas
  • Human Proteomes
  • RNAseq data
  • Computational interactions with Human Protein Atlas
  • Validation of antibodies

Information about this workshop will be updated on www.proteinatlas.org/learn/events.