Formulation Technology

Formulation Technology in Pharmaceutics, Nutraceutics and Cosmetics

A new course in formulation technology for professionals and Ph.D students will be given at Lund University this fall. The course is given by researchers at Lund University, external speakers and in cooperation with Lund University Commissioned Education. Formulation is a key activity in many industries, such as pharmaceutics, nutraceutics and cosmetics. Successful formulation development requires both an appreciation of customer demands and understanding of the complex interactions between the individual ingredients in the product, leading to optimal performance, manufacturability and stability. This requires a cross-disciplinary approach by combining elements from physical, organic and inorganic chemistry together with process technology and process design. Knowledge about key aspects in formulation like solutions, emulsions, dispersions, foams, gels and dry formulations contribute to an innovative thinking. The aim is to provide participants with a better understanding of formulation technology as well as to supply tools to stimulate new ideas for development and improvement of formulated products.