NLSDays 2022

Welcome back to a physical NLSDays – the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry. Next year's event will take place in Malmö over two days, filled-to-the-brim with exciting content and phenomenal partnering possibilities. Register before November 1 to receive the early bird-discount!

Registration includes

All registrations are personal/individual, including access to all super sessions, fireside chats, exhibition, company presentations, One-on-One partnering including submission of up to 150 requests per company for onsite face-to-face meetings, coffee-breaks, lunches and receptions.

SwedenBIO members receive 30% discount on their registration. Contact for your discount code.

Like a Nordic Saga, five small countries in the North have unified to become one giant of life sciences. Each Nordic country excelling on its own merits, the joint innovative power of our five nations coming together as one Life Science Region is matched only by a few hotspots around the world. Yet, the uniqueness of five neighboring countries all excelling in the same academic and industrial field – while sharing cultural values of openness, trust and innovation – is otherwise unknown.

Thus, for the program of NLSDays 2022, we have selected themes that display the diverse set of fields of excellence in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, as well as the unified approach of our region as one market, one research network, and one community of life science companies. Together with our partners from across the Nordics, we proudly present Nordic Life Science Days of 2022!

Here’s a glimpse of our cutting-edge program:

👋🏻 Power-Up through Partnerships – How Level Playing Fields Create a Push for Growth
Opening session hosted by SwedenBIO, the Swedish Life Science Industry Organization

🇫🇮 Diving into Deep Tech – From Buzzword to Benefit in Life Sciences
Super Session hosted by Finland, a nation on the frontier of deep technology

🇸🇪 Vertical Life Science – How Convergence is Erasing Silos
Super Session hosted by Sweden, home of bio-convergence, mobility and mind-blowing unicorns

🇳🇴 Patient-Centricity in Rare Disease
Super Session hosted by Norway, rising star of rare diseases

🇩🇰 Gender Science: Reproducing for the Other 50%
Super Session hosted by Denmark, origin of FemTech

🇮🇸 A Multi-omics Approach to Disease
Super Session hosted by Iceland, a giant in Omics

🌱 Follow the Money – Investors Leading the Way to Sustainability
Super Session hosted by The Nordic Investors Consortium

👏🏻 NLS Rising Stars Awards and closing remarks
Closing Session hosted by SwedenBIO, the Swedish Life Science Industry Organization

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