After Work – “The successful defence of Zubsolv®”

Orexo, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, recently won a protracted patent dispute against one of the world’s largest generic drug companies. This dispute took place in the largest pharmaceutical market in the world, the US, where Orexo sells Zubsolv®, a drug combatting opioid dependence. Thanks to a smart and considered IP strategy the successful journey now continues at an increasingly rapid pace.  

SwedenBIO and Orexo invites members of SwedenBIO and investors and analysts as well as media to an educating After Work seminar in collaboration with Vinge where you will have the opportunity to share the insights from Orexo’s management and legal counsel from the extensive litigation. In addition to get a brief company update on Orexo and the priorities going forward you will also learn more about the importance of having the right patent protection and get details on the challenges of US patent litigation. You will also enjoy a panel discussion dealing with up to date and essential topics for any bio-tech company acting in the US.


  • Nikolaj Sørensen, President and CEO at Orexo
  • Stephen McNeeney, Partner and pharmaceutical patent expert at Potter Clarkson LLP
  • Errol B. Taylor, Head of Biopharma Patent Litigation at Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy LLP

Panel session with the speakers and Robert Rönn, Head of Pharmaceutical Development and IP at Orexo. The panel session is moderated by Wendela Hårdemark and Stojan Arnerstål, IP specialists at Vinge.

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