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Rapport om Sveriges kapacitet att producera vaccin

Vinnova har nyligen publicerat en rapport om Sveriges kapacitet att producera vaccin. Rapporten har gjorts tillsammans med RISE på uppdrag av regeringen för att kartlägga hur vår kapacitet står sig i förhållande till omvärlden och presentera vilka synergier som finns mellan produktion av vaccin och biologiska läkemedel.


Voices from NLSDays 2021

Genetic Analysis had over twenty partnering meetings with pharma and investors, and several that are quickly proceeding forward. The company is based in Oslo and was one of the selected NLS Invest Rising Stars. We asked CCO Anita Patel Jusnes to share her experiences of #NLSDays and tell us more about the company.

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Highlights from NLSDays Digital, 20th April 2021

NLSDays 2021 kicked off with a show of great strength and belief in the industry. Undaunted by the move to a virtual format, presenters and attendees from the Nordics and beyond gathered to consider future-looking solutions for healthcare’s changing and conflicting needs.

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