aera is a European IP consultancy firm, built on Nordic values, with an international perspective.

Founded in Copenhagen in January 2018, the firm now has patent attorneys in Stockholm, Oslo, Munich, Berlin and Madrid and has expanded its operations to cover all aspects of IP protection.

The name aera is derived from the Latin word for ‘era’ (‘æra’ in Danish). The firm’s mission derives from its name – the firm wishes to create a new era in the IP community and become one of the market leaders in IP consultancy.

The firm strives to offer high-quality services to clients that use intellectual property strategically and link these strategies to their business needs. The engagement of the firm’s patent attorneys often makes them deeply involved in the innovation process of their clients’ R&D. The creation of successful business results is a common goal between the firm and its clients.

aera’s clients come in all sizes – from the largest global companies to local entrepreneurs and research institutions. What its clients all have in common is that they think big and are or wishes to become market leaders in their respective technology fields.

aera considers the legal aspects of any issue just as clearly and carefully as it does its commercial and technical considerations. This is why clients make aera their first choice when they require services such as IP counselling, prosecution, litigation and strategy, or simply need to discuss important business decisions.

aera’s patent attorneys are credited for having played a significant role in the creation and protection of landmark portfolios in the life sciences, pharmaceutic, clean tech, mechanics, and electronics industries.