Excore Med

Excore Med supports research based companies within the life science industry to execute a successful exit process, such as finding an acquirer/licensor of the company or research program, or making an IPO.

Our experts at Excore Med have a longstanding experience of both in-/out- licensing of drug development programs, as well as M&A’s, and we have established valuable contacts and relationships with most of “big pharma”. Our business model is to engage ourselves early in the preparations of a future partnering; up to three years before a planned exit. In the preparation of a planned exit (sale, IPO, out-licensing), we provide suggestions and challenges to important decisions and executions in order to improve/increase the value of the asset or project, as well as engaging ourselves in the closing of the transaction (negotiations, financial/ legal/contractual support). We work against a “success fee”, hence payment comes first after a successful exit.