Prolevi Bio

Prolevi’s long term vision is to treat metabolic disorders deploying our platform patent pending technology. They personalize the formulations in synergy with circadian rhythm.

Prolevi is an international start-up with registered offices in Sweden. Prolevi’s platform patent technology focuses on women’s health with hypothyroidism as a first use case, due to huge unmet need. 750M patients suffer worldwide with 150M non respondent to current therapy. This is because current treatments are unable to follow healthy thyroid gland release cycles (circadian rhythm).

Patients (largely women, 90%) remain dissatisfied and ignored with the current treatment. They suffer from broad symptoms despite normal hormone blood levels with existing therapy. This is due to lack of reliable tests, non-effective treatment, and unstandardized worldwide screening.

Prolevi’s solution ensures personalized therapy based on patient’s baseline characteristics. ProLevi develops a thyroid hormone formulation mimicking the circadian rhythm. Since their founding Prolevi has gathered strong market research, are in early-stage conversations/meetings with potential pharma partners, are endorsed by regulatory authorities for trial strategy (direct to human trials and faster market commercialization pathway) under innovative hybrid medicinal product Article 10(3).

Prolevi is fundraising Q1/2 2023 in two tranches for Phase I and II trials.