Pronexus Analytical

Pronexus is a privately owned, fully proprietary and independent preclinical and analytical contract research organization. They offer advanced services and collaborative projects in pharmacology, neurochemistry and tissue metabolism in experimental models of human diseases.

Pronexus Analytical core expertise is focused on in vivo techniques for monitoring neurotransmitter release and metabolism, animal models of CNS disorders, PK/PD studies and testing the implantable medical devices and drug delivery systems. Collectively, they have more than 75 years of research experience in CNS pharmacology, proof-of-concept studies and evaluation of mechanisms of drug actions using microdialysis, and related bioanalytical techniques.

The bioanalytical services include UHPLC-MS/MS, high-sensitive HPLC techniques and immunoassays for determination of neurotransmitters and other neuroactive molecules, as well as metabolites and drug levels in the microdialysis samples, plasma, CSF, cell lysates and brain tissue extracts. The bioanalytical laboratory and the animal research facility are GLP-compliant with full regulatory approvals.