Simplexia is developing a new modality of genital herpes vaccines.

Simplexia is developing a vaccine against genital herpes caused herpes simplex virus, one of the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. Simplexia’s vaccine is based upon ground-breaking research from the University of Gothenburg.

Based on the need for an effective treatment of Genital Herpes, a devastating disease with a number of feared complications, Simplexia was founded in 2017. More than 500 million people, globally, are affected by this disease

Simplexia is based on the research of Ass. Prof. Jan-Åke Liljeqvist and the department of Virology at the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden. The unique research on the type specific envelop protein gG-2, of the HSV-2 virus causing Genital Herpes, was commenced in 1995. The research group has developed a vaccine candidate being patented by Simplexia.