SwedenBIO to partner with SciLifelab, ESS and MAX IV to maximize benefits of research infrastructures

SciLifeLab, MAX IV, and ESS have joined forces in a unique and powerful collaboration within life science. The goal is to provide better prerequisites for utilizing their large-scale research infrastructures across Sweden, also for sectors outside academia, such as the life science industry and healthcare sector.

SciLifeLab is a national infrastructure for molecular bioscience research, MAX IV Laboratory currently houses the brightest X-ray source in the world and the ESS will soon house the world’s most powerful neutron source.

– Together, we will engage the broad life science community in academia, industry, and health care, and jointly develop new technology-, data- and challenge-driven capabilities across different sectors of life science, says Sandra Falck, External Relations Officer at SciLifeLab.

SwedenBIO along with LIF are partnering with the infrastructures to help make this happen.

– Access to top-notch infrastructures gives Swedish life science-companies a competitive advantage and can lead to the development of novel therapeutics and medical treatments benefiting patients all over the world. This will also raise our attractiveness for companies outside Sweden to conduct their life science RnD here, something we are working hard for, says Helena Strigård, CEO of SwedenBIO.