Looking for a trainee from an American University?

As a result of the strengthened collaboration between SACC and SwedenBIO, there is now an opportunity to receive a young professional from an American university for a traineeship in Sweden, or to welcome a Swedish young professional for a traineeship in the US.

SACC is designated by the Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the US Department of State to facilitate transatlantic exchange through the Talent Mobility Program. It aims to enable companies to find the skillsets that they need from students or graduates from top universities, as well as to develop their employer brand, internationalization etc.

SACC-USA takes care of the matchmaking process to find the right candidate for you through our broad network in the US and in Sweden, respectively. They also handle the administration of visas for the selected candidates as well as other practical details around a traineeship. The trainee should receive an economic compensation paid by the company. Please contact Cecilia Kullman at ck@sacc-usa.org.