Background checks – when, how and why?

Join our Commercial and Employment associates as they guide you through the ins and outs regarding background checks.

Feeling confused about background checks in relation to GDPR? You’re not alone! Fortunately, help is at hand – our Commerical and Employment expert lawyers will guide you through this very interesting and topical subject, which includes the following:

– General employment and GDPR aspects to consider in relation to background

– The ability to use a screening company and/or a third party service provider;

– A practical guide explaining (i) the purpose of background checks/screenings, (ii) how to perform an appropriate background check/screening, (iii) when should background checks/screenings take place to be in a position to act, and (iv) how should an employer act in case the background check/screening is not clean; and

– How to deal with sensitive personal data.

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