Invitation to participate in the Swedish Precision Medicine survey

Are you developing products in the areas of Diagnostics, Drug Development, Sequencing, Bio-informatics or Big Data? Then you should participate in the survey!

Who may participate?

You have a B2B company registered in Sweden and conduct the majority of your R & D in Sweden. You develop innovative products such as biomarkers, diagnostic or prognostic assays, technologies, services, screening tools, platforms, software, etc. with application in Precision Medicine, especially within:

• Diagnostics (e.g. Biomarkers, Companion Diagnostics, Imaging, -Omics)
• Drug Discovery (e.g. Biomarkers, Pharmacogenomics, -Omics)
• Sequencing (e.g. High Through-put, Next Generation)
• Bio-informatics (e.g. analysis methods and software tools for biological data)
• Big Data (e.g. AI, machine learning, data management)

Why Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is a rapidly evolving field and holds promise for improving many aspects of health and healthcare. Precision medicine is the combination of information about our genetic and physical differences together with clinical and diagnostic information. The identified patterns can help to stratify groups of patients within a certain disease area.This stratification is used to determine our individual risk of developing disease; detect illness earlier; and, determine the most effective interventions to help improve our health.

The research and development within Precision medicine aims to find and support: ”The right treatment for the right patient at the right time”.

The industry working within Diagnostics, Drug Development, Sequencing, Bio-informatics as well as Big Data holds a key for developing tools to push this development.

Purpose of the report?

The report is a tool for marketing life science in Sweden globally as well as facilitate collaborations and attracting partners and investors to Swedish companies. The report is also important to acquire a national overview of the industry and its needs, in order to influence future investments in the life science sector in the most successful way.

Why participate?

Your company will get national and global exposure through the report which will be distributed internationally, both in print and on-line. By answering the questionnaire, you will ensure that up to date information about your company as well as your innovative products are presented in the report. You will also be able to give your opinion on a number of questions that concern the industry and its prerequisites.

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