Analytical Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins

The mini-symposium would be of interest to everyone active in the field of discovery and development of therapeutic proteins at both academy and industry.

Therapeutic proteins, especially monoclonal antibodies, are in the present time developing fast and dominate globally regarding clinical trials and registrations of new pharmaceutical drugs. Large investments for research and development are planned in many countries. In Sweden the Government, the Wallenberg Foundation, AstraZeneca and GE Healthcare are making large investments. Therapeutic proteins are primarily developed for very serious illnesses like cancer and immunological diseases. Monoclonal antibodies are very large molecules that require the development of new analytical techniques and methods compared to the traditional small molecular drugs. The main purpose of the mini-symposium is to review the state of the art of the analytical tools available and to highlight the needs of new innovative solutions for remaining problems for both the qualitative and quantitative analysis of therapeutic proteins.