Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress (PSWC)

We are at a crossroads in medicines research. In the next decade, systems biology research will yield an unprecedented wealth of novel insights in the mechanisms of disease.

This will revolutionise medicines research, leading to the intro- duction of novel therapeutic interventions which modify and, it is hoped, cure the disease, rather than providing symptom relief. At the same time, health systems around the globe are exploring new ways to deliver innovative treatment solutions to patients in a sustainable manner.

PSWC 2017 will provide scientists from all over the world with a place to meet and network with key leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, regulatory bodies, academia and public-private partnerships.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is pleased to bring you the 6th PSWC, sponsored by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical science and educational organisations.

Stockholm – An exciting venue where the leading pharmaceutical scientists from across the globe will meet to discuss the medicines of the future. What will be the breakthroughs and the pitfalls? How can we meet the biggest challenges?