Regional Insights from the 2024 Barometer Paint a Detailed Picture of the Industry

Following the release of the 2024 Barometer in January, the data has proven invaluable for those interested in understanding the industry. Now, two regional breakout reports from Uppsala and Skåne provide a deeper understanding of these vibrant life science clusters.

The Life Science Barometer is more than an annual report. It’s a full concept designed to enrich the discussions about the Swedish life science industry with proper facts, statistics and outlooks. This knowledge is now being put to use to gain a more granular overview of the different Swedish region’s life science scenes.

The Uppsala report: a positive outlook on a growing region

The Uppsala break-out report was produced by STUNS Life Science and published in the name of Insight Magazine. The Insight Magazine builds on the publicly available database Insight Machine (powered by STUNS), combined with the survey responses from life science executives who answered the Barometer survey in 2023. It shows that:

  • Uppsala’s life science sector has demonstrated substantial growth from 2016 to 2022, marked by a noteworthy 131% increase in revenue and a solid 60% uptick in employee count. The Uppsala life science industry now counts 102 companies.
  • During 2022, the top 10 exporting life science companies in Uppsala collectively exported goods worth sek 38.4b.
  • Uppsala’s life science companies attracted sek 746m of private capital in 2022.
  • The main focus for Uppsala companies in the upcoming year is expanding and growing your business and recruitment of key competences.
  • On a longer perspective, Uppsala companies plan to increase investments on advertising, market growth and technology updates/upgrades.

The Skåne report: Taking the pulse of the life science sector in southern Sweden

The southern most region of Sweden, Skåne, has long had a strong life science scene, cherishing the closeness to Denmark and Copenhagen. The regional report was produced by Medicon Village Innovation and highlights both metrics and sentiments of a flourishing life science industry. It shows:

  • There are about 820 companies and organisations active within the life science sector in Skåne, of which more than 560 are classified under the core life science segments of pharma, biotech, medtech and diagnostics.
  • Skåne punches above its weight within biopharma – life science companies based in the region contribute to 27% of the Swedish drug pipeline.
  • Skåne represents 5% of attracted private capital and 20% of granted public funding in the Swedish life science sector.
  • Finding and securing funding is a critical area of focus among Skåne companies in the short term. This priority is shared by micro-sized company respondents across Sweden.
  • In the longer term, Skåne respondents are focused on market growth, and recruitment and development for both the workforce as well as company leadership.