Sweden – the top candidate for EMA

- The EMA is strategically important for the EU's global competitiveness. We are convinced that Sweden's offer is best able to benefit the EMA and the EU as a whole, says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in their latest press release.

The application has been submitted and Sweden has a great offer!

Today, on the 1st of August the Swedish Government published the offer to host the European Medical Agency, EMA when it’s moving out from London in connection with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU next year.

– The highly integrated Swedish life science ecosystem leave nothing to wish for. The combination of top-notch academic research, a thriving life science industry sector with a track record second to none, a world class health care system adding to competent and helpful authorities with the rock-steady Swedish MPA in a league of its own makes the EMA relocation decision an easy one, says Jonas Ekstrand, Director General of SwedenBIO.

According to SwedenBIO these are the top three reasons why EU-leaders will decide to relocate the EMA from UK to Sweden:

  1. The vibrant Swedish life science ecosystem is one of Europe’s biggest, and constitute an ideal environment for EMA to excel in serving the European community.
  2. Swedish effectiveness and care of detail will ensure that EMA operations will run seamless from day one.
  3. Quality of life is unbeaten and EMA will find it easy to recruit and retain qualified personnel.

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Read the Swedish offer to host the EMA (pdf)

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