Two SwedenBIO members unite when LINK Medical acquires IRW

We asked LINK Medical's CEO Ola Gudmundsen to share his thoughts on this exciting acquisition.

What does this mean for you and what do you look forward to by joining forces?

– Adding IRW to our team means strengthening our company in many ways. Not only do we get a team of very competent and experienced colleagues that are well recognized in the industry, but we add an important office and additional support in Finland. We are a Nordic company with Scandinavian roots and culture which means they fit very good with our way of working.

Which services are strengthened by the acquisition?

– This strengthens the services we offer to our customers. We secure having the expertise and manpower for the demands. We also widen our network and reach as IRW has over 20 years in the industry which adds significant business and new business opportunities.

A couple of years ago, LINK acquired another SwedenBIO member, then PCG. How big are you and in which countries do you operate? Do you have plans to expand further?

– We don’t have concrete plans to expand right now, It’s hard to say what will happen, but our plans are to strengthen the presence in the established countries and continue to grow our business and network there. We want to be the best CRO in Northern Europe so the strategic steps we have been taking within the company have been really good for us to reach that goal.

What trends do you see right now in life science and among your customers?

– The trend we see is the need for a full service CRO ready to take on larger studies in later phases. As more advanced therapies immerge, the need of expertise within ATMP is evident. Many new medical devices are being developed and the knowledge of how they are regulated is vital, moreover the clinical development needs special competence. The actions we’ve taken allow us to meet those trends within a wide variety of therapeutic areas such as oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, dermatology, immunology, gastroenterology and other areas.

What will happen in your company in 2021?

– We are determined to continue to develop and strengthen the company by applying new technologies, procedures, as well as employing leading experts within the different fields to become a natural CRO of choice for customers with a need for clinical or regulatory services in our home market.